System Integrator

We are an System Integrator (SI) company based in Jakarta. With extensive professional experience in the world of Information Technology, we build high value partnership over experiences to provide the best and most comprehensive IT total solutions


What We Do

Imagery taken from satellite shows NDVI classification

Precision Farming

To support and achieve government goal for industrial 4.0 we deliver smart precision farming system. Collaborate with datafarming to analyse field and corp healthy to deliver new era of digital farming.

We provides custom kiosk enclosure and any other industrial requirements

Kiosk Solution

New experience and new  concept based on new media technology,
We are dealing with attractiveness , effectiveness and efficiency through our custom world class kiosk.

We do custom application or system development following your requirements

Application Dev.

Follow of technology age nowadays we provide custom application
development to support your needs and make your work become easier, let’s have cup of coffee and discuss further

It’s all about integration, advance our solution with Artificial Intelligence

AI Machine

These systems are powerful combination with data, analytics and automation. It is crucial—in today’s world, Artificial Intelligence remains an extension of human capabilities, not a replacement.


We build trust and quality over our works



Precision Farming

Our collaboration with DataFarming Australia delivers an easy to use agriculture monitoring low cost platform…
Ai Machine

Smart Kiosk

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Interactive Digital Signage

Airport 3D Wayfinding

The Sepinggan International airport is one of the busiest in Indonesia, a country with a…

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