We are an Information Technology (IT) consultant based in Jakarta. With extensive professional experience in the world of Information Technology, we build high value partnership over experiences to provide the best and most comprehensive IT solutions to our clients and to help them realize the full potential of their IT resources.

3D Wayfinding

It's a spectacular interactive wayfinding use 3D model that can be used to help people to search and interact with the premises or building.

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Application Development

Follow technology age nowadays we provide custom application development to support your need and make your work become easier including 3D wayfinding, website, android app, ios app, payroll, HR Information System, etc.

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Interactive Digital Signage

When people still using the old way, we are step forward to offer a new experiences, new concept marketing and interactivity based on new media technology, we call it Interacative Digital Signage.

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Robotic & Intelligent Machine

Use high end technology, Our robotic engineer will make your robotic idea become true and support your works efficiently, including military purpose, industrial, farming, etc.

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Our Portfolio

Web & App
3D wayfinding
International Sepinggan Airport - Balikpapan
Badan Perpustakaan & Arsip Daerah Jakarta
Custome Multirotor Drone
Mapping Area for Gas Pipe Kota Tarakan
Drone Hybrid
menggunakan tenaga baterai & bensin
Robot HCI
Sarana belajar dan berkreasi untuk anak-anak
Aerial Robot
Dapat terbang di udara dengan gerakan sayap yang menyerupai burung
JCC Education Fair
IDS Content
Plaza Senayan
Human Resource Information System
Drone Farming
Pemanfaatan drone dalam penyemprotan hama
Pertamina Pusat
Multirotor Drone
perencanaan terbang autopilot

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